Realising your dream

We understand how important your writing is to you. And we understand how daunting the process of self-publishing can be. Before you take that leap, we’ll work with you to ensure your book is ready to share with the world.

Flexible and professional editing

Taking the self-publishing route doesn’t mean that you have to dispense with a professional editing process for your manuscript. At Adept we can step in to provide the pre-publication editing that is essential for any book, but we can also tailor that service so that it fits your needs. We can provide a final proofreading service for your completed manuscript, or we can get involved at an earlier stage to provide experienced editing advice on your drafts. Just get in touch to see how we can help.

Your critical friend

Our self-publishing editors work on the principle of what we like to call ‘sympathetic ruthlessness’. In other words, we’ll always work according to our highest professional standards, suggesting revisions that we know will make your writing more readable and more effective. But we’ll always do that with a keen appreciation of what you’re trying to achieve and a full understanding of what your own words mean to you. Working as your critical friend in this way, your Adept editor will help to ensure that you complete the self-publishing process with a book that you can take genuine pride in.

E-publishing, POD, or traditional book

Whichever self-publishing route you decide to use, we can provide editorial input at the relevant point and in the relevant format. We have experience of working with a wide range of formats, electronic and more traditional.