Editing for accuracy and style

It doesn’t matter how good a writer you are or how effective your spellcheck is. There will always be errors in punctuation, typing, and style that only another pair of eyes can spot. Entrusting your writing to an experienced, professional editor will not only ensure that it comes back clean and accurate. Our proofreading and copywriting experience also means that we can make suggestions that will improve your style and expression. Then you can be sure that your ideas are expressed with clarity, fluency and persuasiveness.

Proofreading or Copy-editing?

Proofreading is the final stage of editing when the text is all in place and only minor errors are identified to ensure complete accuracy and consistency. Proofreading will normally only change individual words and expressions or specific items of punctuation and formatting. So, proofreading is a relatively quick and light-touch process, applied to a text that is almost ready for submission or publication.

Copy-editing is the stage that precedes proofreading where the editor intervenes to make more substantial changes in style and expression, and perhaps even in the organisation and structuring of ideas. Copy-editing may lead to changes at the sentence and paragraph level. So, copy-editing is a longer, more involved process, applied to a text that is at an earlier, even draft stage.

At Adept we don’t worry too much about the terminology: our editors work across the full spectrum from heavy editing to final proofreading. Whatever your text needs!

Our Process

1. Send us a sample of your text and an indication of the deadline you need us to work to.

2. We’ll take a look and get back to you the same day with a price for the job and an agreed deadline for completion. Both the price and deadline are fixed and guaranteed in advance.

3. Send us the full text and we’ll send it back to you marked up with the changes that need to be made. We find a Word document with track changes easiest, but we can work with any formats that suits you. Then all you need to do is review and accept the changes.

Our Prices

The cost of the job will depend on the amount of editing time required. Light proofreading requires less time than heavy copy-editing, and this is reflected in the cost.

All quotes are bespoke, taking into account the turnaround time and the nature of the text you submit, but you should expect to pay somewhere between £5 per 1,000 words for final proofreading and £15 per 1,000 for more time-intensive heavy editing.

You might find cheaper editors than Adept, but you won’t find more reliable or more expert editors. We guarantee a professional, high-quality editing service.