Writing is our trade

Words are what we do. We have years of experience writing technical, business, and more general material for a whole host of different purposes. And more recently we’ve focused increasingly on delivering web content, in both one-off design commissions and ongoing production for our regular clients. Whether it’s full content development for your new website or a technical project in your specialist field, we lend you our writing skills so that you can get on with what you do best.

Do I need a copywriter?

Traditionally a copywriter had a relatively narrow job description: to create advertising ‘copy’ to sell products. But more recently the role has expanded to include pretty much any copy that serves a persuasive purpose. Of course, the rapid growth of the web has played a significant role in that change, and nowadays the demand for copy has grown exponentially. A copywriter is just as likely to produce a blog for a charity or community website as they are commercial advertising slogans.

At Adept we take this one step further. We interpret copywriting as a broad spectrum of professional writing services, so that we offer not only website content development, but also technical writing, general freelance writing and ghostwriting. Our writing services rely on a close collaborative process, getting to know you and understanding the exact purpose of your project. We don’t write for ourselves, we write for you.

Our Process

1. Get in touch with an outline of your writing project, and your own individual editor will get back to you the same day to take things further.

2. We’ll arrange a free web consultation during which we’ll discuss your requirements in more detail and agree a personalised brief for your project.

3. Then we’ll send you a fixed quote the same day with an agreed deadline for completion. Both the deadline and price are guaranteed in advance.

4. We’ll complete the text in whichever format suits you best and will work with you until you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

Our Prices

No two jobs are the same, and the price for your job will depend on the bespoke brief that we agree after our web consultation and the time required to research and prepare your content. Our standard rates begin at around £40 per 1,000 words of content. We offer discounted monthly packages for ongoing projects, for example regular blog writing. Larger one-off projects will also be discounted.